Labor force statistics have been released by The rankings are based on the latest Census Bureau data for cities with a population of 60,000 or more.

In addition to job opportunity, having a high percentage of people in the labor force makes a city more attractive to live because local governments will have higher revenue from taxes and fewer costs associated with social programs.

Here is the list starting with the best to buy:

Lake Charles, LA: 64.9% Metairie, LA: 64.5% Baton Rouge, LA: 64.0% Kenner, LA: 63.7% Lafayette, LA: 62.6% Bossier City, LA: 60.3% New Orleans, LA: 60.1% Shreveport, LA: 58.4%   About the Rankings

The Census Bureau has released the latest estimates from the American Community Survey for all cities in Louisiana with a population of 60,000 or more with sufficient data to estimate the percent in labor force. We have crunched the numbers and the rankings are in. See the 8 places in Louisiana with the highest percent in labor force below, and the lowest percent in labor force places at the bottom of the list.

People in the labor force include those employed as a civilian or the armed forces plus those that are unemployed and looking for work. Students that aren't working, home makers, retirees, and institutionalized people are not included in the labor force. Having a high percentage of people in the labor force can help local governments because of an increase in amount of tax revenue and fewer costs for social programs.

The Louisiana percent in labor force from the latest estimates is 58.9% and has fallen 0.6% from 59.3%.

This year saw several big changes. Lake Charles, LA rose from #7 to #1, Baton Rouge, LA rose from #5 to #3, Kenner, LA fell from #1 to #4, Lafayette, LA fell from #4 to #5, and Bossier City, LA fell from #3 to #6.

Lake Charles, LA saw the biggest percentage increase in percent in labor force at 7.3%, and Bossier City, LA saw the largest percentage decrease at -6.2%.