A victim is in critical condition after being shot on Sunday. The shooting took place on Highway 171 near Billy Goat Hill in New Llano.

The victim was riding with three other friends. None of the other occupants of the vehicle were harmed.

VPSO Detective Rhonda Jordan told the Leesville Daily Leader the VPSO received a call at 2:10 a.m. from an ambulance service.

When the VPSO spoke to the witnesses, they said that while traveling South on Highway 171, another vehicle pulled into the lane parallel to them and began shooting.

The victim was riding in the passenger seat and was struck by one of the three shots fired during the incident.

The extent of the victim's injuries has not been disclosed, however, it has been stated by the VPSO that the injuries are “life-threatening.”

The victim is still undergoing medical treatment at a hospital in Rapides Parish.

The VPSO is currently conducting interviews to gain more details about the shooter and the shooter’s vehicle.

“At this time we are still interviewing persons in an attempt to confirm specific information,” said Detective Jordan. Names of the victims are being withheld at this time.

The Leesville Daily Leader will provide updates on the situation as they become available.