New information about the Dec. 3 shooting outside The Spot Bar in New Llano has surfaced after the VPSO announced the arrests of three people involved in the altercation over the weekend.

William and Amanda Matz were charged with Simple Battery and Brandon Lemmons faces charges for possession of a firearm near a place that serves alcohol.

The VPSO identified William Matz, Amanda Matz, and Mark Fernandez as the primary aggressors in the altercation.

Although Lemmons was the one who fatally shot Mark Fernandez, and wounded William Matz, the VPSO states that evidence shows Lemmons was using the weapon in self-defense.

VPSO Detective Rhonda Jordan said, “In viewing the video it is obvious that Willie Matz, Amanda Matz, and Mark Fernandez were the aggressors and it appears that Lemmons was defending himself following their attack.”

Rumors have circulated since the shooting about whether or not Matz or Fernandez were armed during the altercation. Jordan took the time to address those rumors.

“We have heard rumors to the effect that Lemmons was not the only person involved in the scuffle that was armed but there is not proof of a second gun. Lemmons had one firearm. ”Jordan said.

Lemmons has been living out of state. The VPSO has been making arrangements with his attorney to have him transported back to Louisiana and be charged. Jordan stated that he will be charged soon.

On the night of the incident William Matz, Amanda Matz and Mark Fernandez are said to have physically attacked Lemmons over a dispute that has yet to be revealed.

William Matz and Mark Fernandez are both members of the Blackhawks Motorcycle Club (MC), of which Lemmons was a former member.

Lemmons was kicked out of the Blackhawks MC for an undisclosed reason months ago. The situation began earlier in the night at another bar when Matz and Fernandez confronted Lemmons.

Lemmons then left the scene and went to The Spot. William Matz, Amanda Matz, and Mark Fernandez followed him there and a second argument ensued.

The argument turned violent when William Matz and Mark Fernandez physically assaulted Lemmons resulting in Lemmons firing his weapon. Fernandez was killed, William Matz was critically injured, and Lemmons suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the shoulder during the altercation.

The VPSO is still actively investigating the crime and it is unclear at this time if more charges are to be expected.