Leesville First Responders are requesting that residents of Leesville attach E911 address numbers on their houses and mailboxes so First Responders can find them quickly in case of an emergency.

The city has an ordinance on E911 Numbers on houses, Sec. 94-5. - Enhanced 911 communications system; changes in roadway names; address to be posted on buildings, etc.

(a) In implementation of the enhanced 911 communications system being developed by the Vernon Parish Communications District that all roadway names presently affixed to roadways within the city will be verified to the Vernon Parish Communications District and no changes to existing roadway names will be made by the city without prior approval of the Vernon Parish Communications District.

(b) In order to allow for the necessary implementation including setup time of the database for the "E-911" system, no changes in the roadway names will be approved for a period of six months following the "E-911" system public cut-over date.

(c) All structures, including but not limited to, private homes, businesses and public buildings must have an address number posted on the structure itself or entrance road to the structure which is visible from the addressed roadway.

Leesville First Responders thank you for your cooperation in this matter.