Students in Mrs. Orgain’s third-grade class celebrated black history month in a very unique way on Thursday. The students put together a “live wax museum” event.

Each student in the class was dressed as different famous African Americans and when prompted would recite the person’s history.

The students chose their own people to reenact and did their on research. When they were not speaking they stood still as statues.

The “statues” lined the main hallway of Parkview and guest were invited to walk through and interact with each student.

On the wall behind the students was a picture of who they were representing and a pretend red button to push to “active” the student.

Each student was able to recite their speech from memory.

In attendance were students dressed as Michelle Obama, Jessie Jackson, Ophra Winfrey and many more.

Orgain does something special each year for black history month, sometimes the students perform a play.

For the past two years, the students have been hosting the live wax museum.

Orgain said its special to her because former students come back to her say things like “I remember last year when I was so and so.”  

Also during black history month, Orgain has her students share black history facts over the loudspeaker during morning announcements.

For Orgain, it's about making sure black history month is well represented and she is doing a fantastic job of ensuring history is remembered.