Back in December, the Leesville Daily Leader and the Beauregard Daily News ran a story about 23 dog tags that were found in a cinder block that was repurposed from the foundation of the old USO that stood at the corner of Simpson and Nona Streets in Leesville.

Since that story ran we have discovered a few things and have received a few helpful tips from individuals who read our story.

This is an update on what we have found out so far.

The Leesville Daily Leader was contacted by M. Scott Faris, a Field Archaeologist with the Fort Polk Cultural Resource Office who worked diligently to identify the individuals named on the dog tags that were found.

He was able to find some information on 16 of the tags.

After further research we were able to determine that 22 of the dog tags belonged to enlisted men while the 23rd one belonged to a commissioned officer.

Furthermore, we were also able to determine who was drafted and who enlisted.

Following is a complete list of the dog tags found along with the information we have uncovered so far.

The search continues.

A .PDF of the dog tag data can be found here.