The D’Town Beatdown MMA show took place over the weekend at the Beauregard Parish Covered Arena. The fighters left it all in the cage and put on quite the show for those in attendance.

The following is a breakdown of the fights.

Daniel Figueroa vs. Zach Mixon: The opening bout of the evening saw two fast-paced flyweights duke it out. Mixon and Figueroa would exchange rapid strikes all across the cage before they took to the ground. Figueroa wins by submission after successfully locking Mixon into a guillotine choke hold at the 1:31 mark in the first round.

Jody Oliver vs. Brad Cohn: Cohn is a fighter out of Lake Charles. He had many fans in attendance. As he made his entrance, there was a sizeable reaction from the crowd who were excited to see him step into the cage. Cohn and Oliver held nothing back as the fight began. This was the first fight to go the distance. While both fighters exchanged devastating blows, Oliver ultimately landed more of his strikes. Oliver had even knocked Cohn down early in the first round. Oliver won by unanimous decision.

Dominick Green vs. Colin Richard: Green and Richard fought for three rounds before the fight was stopped by the ringside doctor toward the end of the third round after Richard suffered a deep cut under his left eye. Richard was tenacious during the fight, but he took too many direct hits to the head. He continued his strategy by attempting to counter Green’s offense by utilizing his wrestling background throughout the fight. Ultimately the doctor made the decision to end the fight. Green won the bout via Technical Knockout.

Earnest Singleton vs. Austin Chandler: Singleton took the early advantage in the first round. He was able to land several punches and defend against a good deal of Chandler’s offense in round one. Chandler made a big comeback in the second round landing more strikes and hitting a thunderous takedown. The sound of Chandler planting Singleton to the ground got a big reaction from fans. As the second round ended Chandler launched an incredible flurry of punches. The fight went the full three rounds and Singleton was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Garry Jackson vs. Jordan Smith: In what was the quickest fight of the night, South Beauregard High School Junior Jordan Smith knocked out Garry Jackson in the first round. In a sequence captured in ringside slow motion video, Smith blocked one of Jackson’s punches and then landed a powerful one of his own. The hit sent Jackson to the ground allowing Smith to reign down multiple strikes. Jackson notably had the Superman logo tattooed on his chest. If Jackson was truly was a man of steel, then one can presume that Smith has kryptonite fists. Smith won by knockout in the first round.

Jawaski Bethley vs. Justin Angona: Angona won the fight in the first round after locking in a guillotine choke hold. These two heavyweights both showed great speed and agility during the fight. Angona impressed the crowd with a high kick/back elbow strike combination. Despite not winning, Bethely showed great strength and resilience throughout the fight. Just two days prior to the fight, Bethley’s father passed away. After the fight promoter, Glenn Mattina Jr. acknowledged all that he’d been through and praised him for his strength to go through with the fight. Angona would also praise his ability as a fighter and his mental toughness for stepping in the cage. The crowd applauded Bethley’s guts and commitment.

Spencer Kerse vs. Nicko Commissiong: The two agile fighters locked horns with the more experienced Commissiong taking the early advantage. Kerse was able to defend some of Comssiong’s early offense. However Commisong’s speed and reach advantage proved to be a detriment. Commissiong hit Kerse with a jump kick that sent Kerse into the cage. The fight ended when Commisiong was able to get Kerse on the ground and land several punches securing the knockout victory. Commisiong climbed the cage and celebrated after the bout.

Ethan Leblanc vs. Darren McQueen: Two fighters with similar styles stepped into the cage in the night’s co-main event. After an evenly matched first round, Leblanc gained the upper hand halfway through the second round. The two exchanged powerful strikes and both showed great grappling ability throughout. The fight went the distance with Leblanc picking up the victory by unanimous decision.

Main Event Melvin Lopez Vs. Donzeil Marshall: In a shocking twist Gulf Coast MMA Flyweight Champion Joshua Langley could not compete due to a case of the flu. The athletic commission deemed that he vacate his championship and that a new champion would be crowned at The D’Town Beatdown. Challenger Melvin Lopez stepped in the cage with a new opponent, the debuting Donzeil Marshall. Marshall and Lopez put on a clinic inside the cage both showing their toughness and depth of their training. The fight went the distance and Marshall was declared the winner by unanimous decision. By winning an impromptu fight, Marshall is now the Gulf Coast MMA Flyweight Champion. What is perhaps a more impressive note is that this was Marshall’s debut fight.

Promoters Glenn Mattina Jr., and James Sharp both have expressed a desire to do another show at the arena soon. Mattina even noted that another could be coming later this year.