At their monthly council meeting the first order of new business for the Village of Anacoco was to introduce Ordinance No. 02-2019 - Liquor and Alcoholic Beverages Sales and Consumption.

Following a change from wards to districts many years ago each town within the parish was responsible for passing their own ordinances regarding the sales and consumption of alcohol within their city limits.

Anacoco voted when it was still part of a ward to be a “dry” municipality and now it must enact its own ordinance to remain so.

Wayne Bush, Anacoco Attorney explained that this ordinance mirrors that of Leesville which allows Anacoco to regulate the sales and consumption of alcohol within Anacoco.

This ordinance also adds three more laws regarding the sale or distribution of alcohol to minors. Bush also stressed that this ordinance does not allow anyone to “open up a shop (to sell alcohol), this regulates it.”

In addition, the new ordinance specifically explains the process and fees required to apply for a permit to sale liquor in Anacoco.

Councilwoman LaVerne Meirs made a motion to hold a public hearing to adopt the ordinance, seconded by Councilman John Schraven.

A public hearing will be held April 1 at 630PM at the village town hall.

Other new business discussed was the monthly Vernon Parish Police Jury requests that need to be sent.

VPPJ District 2 Representative Marvin Hilton was present and informed the council that culverts have been ordered and once the weather breaks and they are able, the police jury will begin making repairs.

The council will send a request for the culvert work to be done along with grading of several dirt roads.

Councilwoman Miers made a motion to approve the monthly VPPJ request, Councilman Mark Phillips seconded.

Councilwoman Miers informed the council and the public in attendance of the Spring Parade that will be held April 13 at 11 AM. Flyers and other information will be made available to the public soon.

Councilwoman Miers also announced there is a planned Easter celebration on April 20 and a sunrise service planned for April 21 at the gazebo. Information will be announced as it becomes available.

A report was given concerning the water lines. There are a few breaks that have been reported with several of them being repaired. There is an existing break that is difficult to repair at this time due to the weather but once the weather clears up, the repair will be made.

Councilman John Schraven informed the council and those in attendance that the Veterans Memorial Park committee is now in place and they are working to raise funds by selling memorial bricks. He also wanted everyone to know that all of the committee members are veterans.

Councilman Schraven asked the council to approve a motion to purchase 250 bricks to begin selling as the fundraiser. Councilwoman Miers made the motion to purchase the bricks, seconded by Councilman Phillips.

The next council meeting will be held April 1 at 7PM following the public hearing on Ordinance 02-2019 - Liquor and Alcoholic Beverages Sales and Consumption held at 6:20 PM.