At the first VPSB meeting of March, board members were given an update on the status of the use of technology in the district. They were advised that the digital literacy infrastructure in Vernon Parish is growing and it is much better than what it was in the past.

Currently, there are 1,400 computers and laptops in schools around the parish. They are slowly replacing and upgrading the systems as they have funding available.

Head Start Director Curtis Clay advised the board of three new permanent substitute teachers who were hired to prevent any lack in education if a teacher is out for a day. The three new hires will be funded out of a five-year Duration Grant. Head Start will have to reapply and compete for the grant as it draws near the five years.

To date for this current school year there have been 5,296.9 volunteer hours valued at $75, 123.41.

Head Start staff have also served 23,644 breakfasts and 23,065 lunches during the year.

The next VPSB meeting will be held Tuesday, March 12th at 10AM.