Survivors who are affected in some way by a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, attended Camp Fleur de Lis at the Lions Club Camp over the weekend.

Survivors and their caregivers were invited to join others in participating in various activities designed to help them feel “normal” and meet others like them.

Guests spent time doing crafts and after dinner, on Saturday night, they were all invited to dance the night away.

Louisiana Pilot Director Barbara Crow explained that the TBI Survivor Camp began in 2014 with seed money donated by the Many, LA Pilot club that disbanded and sold off assets.

The goal of the LA Pilot club is for those who attend the TBI Camp will never have to pay to attend the camp. Through fundraisers, memberships and donations the LA Pilot club is working to provide scholarships for those interested in attending.

Currently, the cost to attend the three-day event is $100 for the TBI survivor and their caregiver.

“Many of the TBI survivors and caregivers who come won’t want to leave,” said Karen Cupit, Pilot International President. “This whole camp is about the heart,” she said.

Both Cupit and Crow agree that running the TBI Camp is a passion. They feel that the interaction they provide for the survivors and the respite given to the caregivers is often a life changer for them.

One mother who cares for her adult child really was not aware that there were others out there who were living the same reality that she was.

“It has been a great awakening for them to be here and to connect with others who are experiencing the same things they are and to know that they are not alone,” said Crow.

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