Antebellum means "before the war." In Louisiana, it refers to the years between statehood (1812) and the Civil War (1861).

In Vernon Parish, several small communities were established in the Antebellum Period.  Five were large enough to receive post offices.

Huddleston received a post office in 1847. There is much disagreement as to where Huddleston was located.

According to most, it was located in the present-day community of Pickering roughly were Jean Chapel and Ft. Polk Entrance Roads intersect. The post office was manned by postmaster Isaac Huddleston in a store owned by Peter Eddleman, which is why some called the community Petersburg.   

Burr's Ferry also received a post office in 1847. It was located where LA Hwy. 8, also called Texas Highway, crosses the Sabine River. The post office was manned by postmaster Gilman B. Burr.

The community was called Jonker's Ferry on early maps, then Hickman's Ferry in 1840.

A third community was called Walnut Hill. The post office was established in 1849. It was located on present-day LA Hwy. 121 halfway between LA Hwys. 8 and 28.

The post office was located in an inn owned by William Burton, who served as postmaster.    

The fourth community to receive a post office was Anacoco in 1852. The community was located on the Huddleston to Many road.  

John I. Kirk was the postmaster. Jonathan Franklin was the first settler in 1828.  The Holly Grove Methodist Church was established in 1835.

The fifth community to receive a post office was Liberty Creek in 1853. It was located in the northwest corner of Ft. Polk. Liberty Creek received its name from John R. Smart who was from Liberty County, GA. A store was located there owned by Wiley Goynes, who was postmaster.

Many other Antebellum communities played parts in early Vernon Parish history such as Kisatchie, Ten Mile, and Hineston, however, they are outside present-day Vernon Parish.