James Williams was appointed as superintendent of Vernon Parish Schools by the Vernon Parish School Board in 2013.

He is responsible for ensuring that federal, state and local education policies and procedures are followed and he is responsible for the daily operations of all the schools throughout the parish.

During his six years as superintendent the biggest obstacle he has faced is the lack of a progressional salary increase for teachers throughout the state and in Vernon Parish.

He said that it is hard to recruit and retain good teachers when there is no incentive for them to stay. He understands how hard it is for teachers to do their jobs when they are asked to do more and more with less and less.

When asked about his proudest accomplishment he is quick to say that he wouldn’t for one minute think that he has done anything himself.

He said that he is part of a team and together they all work to make Vernon Parish schools a success.

Williams was a social studies and physical education teacher and coach at Leesville High School(LHS) from 1982 until he was promoted to assistant principal in 1994.

Four years later he became the principal and LHS where he stayed for ten years.

In 2008 Williams became the Transportation and Food Service Director for Vernon Parish School Board until his appointment as superintendent.

When asked what his future holds, Williams said “If I come to work one day and feel like I am ineffective or I’m not doing the job I need to do, then I’ll move on.”

But as long as he is offered a contract to be the superintendent he will continue the job.