Evans native Chief Detective Rhonda Jordan started working as a dispatcher with the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Department in 2003.

While she was working as a dispatcher Sheriff Sam Craft gave her the opportunity to attend the police academy in 2005.

Once she completed the academy she became a juvenile officer where she was responsible for investigating crimes that were committed by juveniles.

In 2007 she began investigating all sexually oriented crimes in Vernon Parish. For nearly eight years she investigated every sex crime that happened in Vernon Parish.

When asked when she does what she does she said that she feels like she had a calling to do any and everything she could to help victims, especially women and children.

“It’s become a passion to investigate crimes against women and children. A victim never gets over something that happens to them and that drives me to help them,” Jordan said.

She is very determined to make sure the victims she comes in contact with get justice and perpetrators are held accountable for what they’ve done.

That determination is also what drives her in her efforts to solve the four cold cases in Vernon Parish.

In 2017 a cold case team was created. Jordan and other detectives copied the original files of the four remaining open cases and began investigating them with fresh eyes.

In February 2017 Jordan was promoted to Chief Detective by Sheriff Craft making her the first female to hold that position in Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Department.

In her spare time, Jordan works diligently to bring closure to the families of the cold case victims who are still waiting for justice.