Louisiana residents may be feeling like they're under more pressure than the rest of the nation. A study done by financial analysis website WalletHub.com has ranked Louisiana at the top of its list of states with the most stress.

The study used several metrics that contribute to the overall stress of a population. Those metrics were compiled into four categories.

Louisiana ranked high in all of the following categories:

Work Related Stress: Louisiana ranked 2nd in the country

Money Related Stress: Louisiana ranked 3rd in the country

Family Related Stress: Louisiana ranked 7th in the country

Health and Safety Stress: Louisiana ranked 4th in the country

WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez explained the findings of the study and the many factors that contribute to Louisiana’s high stress. She began by explaining work and money related stress as it relates to Louisiana residents.

"Louisiana residents work long hours. Despite that, the state's unemployment rate is the third highest, while the income growth rate is the third lowest,” Gonzalez said.

“Having a low median income and credit score, makes people worry about money, and reduces their confidence in the economy. More than 70 percent of Louisiana residents are unable to save for their children's college, and more than a third pay only the minimum amount on their credit cards. Additionally, almost 20 percent of the state's population is living in poverty.“

Gonzalez went on to mention that a strong contributor to Louisiana’s stress is the discord and distress related to family and personal relationships. She cites Louisiana’s high separation and divorce rate, which leads to a large share of single parents.

Gonzalez also noted that another major factor is health-related stress.

“Almost a quarter of adults in Louisiana report being in fair or poor health. This is because the share of the insured population is among the lowest in the country, and this leads to people not being able to afford a visit to the doctor,” Gonzalez said.

“The small number of psychologists per capita, along with a low physical activity rate, and a low share of adults getting adequate sleep, are contributing factors to the state's stress level. To top things up, Louisiana has a high bullying incidents rate, as well as crime rate per capita."

Although these results certainly sound grim, there is a silver lining. Gonzalez expressed that there are ways to reduce stress by making a series of positive changes. She emphasized one solution to really help Louisiana residents manage their stress.

"Having better control of their finances would help Louisiana residents minimize stress,” she said “Budgeting could help them worry less about money, and better manage their debt. To cope with family stress, parents should try to spend more time with their children and include them in household activities."

Many people get discouraged about making personal changes because many fear that it will cost them more money than it is worth. Gonzalez noted that there are many ways people can fight stress without spending extra money.

"There are several ways one can attempt to reduce their level of stress without spending money. Exercising is among the most efficient,” she said.

“You don't need a gym membership to work out. You can simply go out for a jog or exercise from the comfort of your home. There are quite a few techniques out there to help you cope with stress and relax: things like trying to change your attitude to a more positive one, meditation, or taking up a hobby."