On Saturday evening Beauregard Parish Sheriff's candidate Mark Herford held a meet and greet at Creative Development in Ragley.

It is estimated that approximately 135 people turned out to hear his plan for the sheriff’s department if he is elected the next Sheriff of Beauregard Parish and to enjoy some fellowship and food.

Herford told the gathering crowd that if elected Sheriff he plans to make Beauregard Parish safer and better.

He has a specific set of goals that he is confident he will be able to accomplish during his first term in office.

Herford said that he wants to establish manned substations on the east, west and south side of Beauregard Parish. He acknowledges the Ragley substation but said it is not manned the way he wants it manned.

He intends to assign uniformed detectives and deputies to work out of each substation and respond to calls within their area. Herford said that by doing this it will reduce response times and it will increase public outreach and community policing by having the deputies and detectives spend more time getting to know their residents.

Herford also said that he would modify patrol shifts so more deputies are patrolling during peak hours that crimes happen.

Herford said that he has been asked before how he intends to pay for the manned substations and the added patrol shifts and he explained that there is already money in the Sheriff’s Department budget to pay for it.

The department will not be asking the parish residents at a later time to ask for a tax increase to pay for it. If he is elected, Herford said he will implement both of these goals “rather quickly”.

Herford also acknowledges that there is a significant drug problem not just in Beauregard Parish but nationwide. In an effort to combat the drug problem in the parish Herford wants to add to the Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotics Task Force to better fight methamphetamines more effectively.

Herford has 27 years of law enforcement experience, mostly with Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office.

He started working as a corrections officer before working his way up. For the last fifteen years, he has been the Chief of Detectives before he resigned March 1 to run for Sheriff.

Cast your vote for Beauregard Parish Sheriff on October 12th.