The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office works tirelessly to protect and serve its citizens. It also works with members of the community to ensure the safety of residents.

An example of the positive cooperation between the VPSO and community occurred in the Evans area when Evelina Sutliff was in need of assistance. Sutliff was stranded with a flat tire on the side of Highway 111 South.

VPSO Patrol Supervisor Rory Pollock was in the area when he noticed Sutliff and offered his assistance. Pollock then reached out to local resident Roger Jordan for assistance.

Jordan was able to provide a tire jack and air up a temporary tire for Sutliff's vehicle. Working together they were able to assist Sutliff and replace the damaged tire.

The VPSO posted photos submitted by Sutliff on their Facebook Page and stated “We appreciate Mr. Jordan's assistance in helping Deputy Pollock and Ms. Sutliff. Vernon Parish has the best citizens and we are proud to serve them and sometimes work along beside them to make sure our citizens stay safe.”

Pollock and Jordan’s selfless hard work showcases the bond between the VPSO and the surrounding community.