On February 28, 2019, members of the National Association of University Women (NAUW) assisted Parkway Elementary with celebrating black history month.

Gloria Orgain, a long standing NAUW member, initiated the Living Statues exhibition in 2018.

Orgain’s third grade class works diligently all year in preparation for the exhibit. The students conduct their own research and with Orgain’s close oversight, they develop their speeches which they share with onlookers as they walk through the “museum”.

The student statues dressed in costume lined the main hall of the school. A picture and the name of the famous African American represented were posted behind each child. As the public enjoys the exhibit, they are prompted to push a (pretend) button to activate the student to begin his speech.

The students recite their 2 – 3 minute speech, then return to their staged position until the next onlooker comes along and presses the activate button.

This year, the NAUW founder, Mary Church Terrell was a prominent figure in the exhibit. Part of the student’s speech acknowledged the good works of Ms. Terrell.

NAUW members, Elsie Clay and Adrian Todd assisted Orgain with the “behind the scenes” preparation helping with printing, posting, setting the stage, assisting with rehearsals and many other tasks.