Leesville senior Kyla Clemons is walking on to Louisiana State University Eunice next season after wrapping up her career at Leesville High School.

Clemons will join her aunt, head coach Amanda Clemons, on campus in the fall for the women's basketball team.

"I'm really excited, but I'm also nervous about it, because it's been my life-long dream to play basketball in college," she said. "I'm really happy about it.

"My aunt played basketball there, and I wanted to follow her."

Clemons began the season in the starting lineup the Lady Cats and will take lessons learned at Leesville going forward.

"I really didn't look at anywhere else," Clemons said. "I just looked at LSUE.

"I learned a lot of things during my four years here from all of the shooting drills I've done during the time I've been here."

Clemons is the second player to sign a National Letter of Intent over the last two years for the Lady Cats program.

"At Leesville High School, it's a big accomplishment," Leesville head coach Kristi Perkins said. "We, as in the girl's basketball program, have been down for a while, so there hasn't' been many signees. We had Kerrigan (Small) last year, and Kyla this year. Hopefully, we're starting a new culture at LHS.

"They say wins attract players, even when players don't want to play. If you win, they will come. Then you have those who think they don't want to play then think I might have the opportunity to play at the next level."

Perkins says that the extra time Clemons puts in could allow her to help her team in college.

"Kyla has really good work ethic," she said. "She comes early to practice and stays late after practice. You don't have to ask her to give everything she has got. You don't have to ask her to work hard. She does it automatically. That alone will allow her to make some sort of impact on her team at the next level."