April has been proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month across the nation and is spearheaded by the CASA (Court Appointed Court Advocates) organization.

Nationwide, the Child Abuse Prevention campaign is designed to increase awareness of child abuse and prevention.

CASA staff, as well as local businesses and organizations, plant pinwheels to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect.  

Proclamations decreeing April as Child Abuse Prevention month are also read by local dignitaries. Proclamations were made by a majority of towns in villages across Beauregard and Vernon Parish this month, as the local community put its full force behind bringing awareness.

The pinwheels being planted across Beauregard and Vernon Parish are a tradition which began in 2008.

The Prevent Child Abuse America organization introduced the pinwheel as the new national symbol for child abuse prevention through the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.  

The pinwheel connotes whimsical and childlike notions.  It has come to serve as the physical reminder of the happy, healthy childhoods we want for all children.   

This month, CASA has traveled across Beauregard and Vernon Parish planting eye-catching pinwheels, standing in solidarity with local businesses and organizations, in hopes of bringing awareness to child abuse and prevention of child abuse & neglect.  

This year CASA planted pinwheels and read proclamations at New Llano Town Hall, Beauregard and Vernon Parish DCFS offices, Beauregard Health Systems, BeauCare, Rosepine Town Hall, Veteran’s Park with DeRidder City Hall, Landey Adams State Farm in Leesville, City of Leesville and the Village of Anacoco.

There is still time left in the month for those interested in planting pinwheels and spreading awareness.

If your business or organization would like to participate by planting pinwheels, call the CASA office at  (337) 462-4667 or (337) 239-1970. If you would like to participate next April you can call and get your business or organization on the Pinwheels for Prevention list.

In January, our local CASA will begin the process of planning for next April’s Pinwheels for Prevention.

For more information on CASA and Child Abuse Prevention Month please call the office numbers listed above or visit http://casawestcenla.org/.

Editor’s Note: Information in this article was provided by Jessica Cryar Advocate Trainer & the Community Engagement Coordinator for our local CASA.