Before the church and the school was the water-powered mill.  The mills of Vernon Parish provided the first meeting places to meet neighbors and form a sense of community.  

Because many mills served as post offices and stores, farmers could grind corn, saw trees into lumber, and gin cotton while wives shopped and checked the mail.   Approximately twelve mills, possibly more, covered Vernon Parish. Two were located outside the parish.

Airhart and Kile Mill - Owned by Alexander "Alex" Airhart and William Jacob "Jake" Kile on Kisatchie Creek

Burr Mill - Owned by Gilman Bryant Burr on land homesteaded by son, Winfree Timothy Burr, on Pearl Creek

Conerly Brothers Mill - Owned by Luke and Cullen on West Fork of Anacoco Creek and LA Hwy. 111, west of Anacoco

Davis Mill - Owned by John C. Davis on Bundick Creek, three miles south of Providence

Goleman Mill - Owned by William Washington "Billy" Goleman on  Ten Mile Creek near Leander.

Haymon Mill - Owned by Clementine R. Haymon at the junction of  West and East Forks of Six Mile Creek

Kirk Mill - Owned by Isaiah Kirk on East Fork of Anacoco Creek at US Hwy. 171.  

Koonce Mill  - Owned by son William A. and father James Philip "Caleb" Koonce on Sandy Creek  on the west end of Good Hope Road, west of Anacoco on LA Hwy 111

Langton Mill - Owned by William Langton on Sandy Creek on LA Hwy. 111, west of Anacoco  

Leach Mill - Owned by Jesse Powell Leach on Mill Creek in Sabine Parish, four miles north of Hornbeck  

McCallan Mill - Owned by James "Jim" McCallan on Whiskey Chitto Creek on Forest Road 444  

Stephens Mill - Owned by George Henry Stephens on Mill Creek on VFW Road, west of LA Hwy. 1211

Weeks Mill - Owned by William Hamilton Weeks on Hagan Creek south of LA Hwy. 28 at Walnut Hill

Williams Mill - Owned by Nathaniel S. Williams on Bayou Zourie Creek 2.5 miles west of US Hwy. 171 on Cooper Church Road at Old Elmwood.