Singer native Gyth Rigdon once again performed live on NBC's hit competition series The Voice. Rigdon continued his trend in the competition by singing another classic country song. He sang Shenandoah's signature hit from 1993 “I Want To Be Loved Like That.”

In previous interviews, Rigdon claimed that he would continue his hard work in giving the fans an emotional, and powerful performance of classic country songs. Millions watched as he gave a deeply soulful performance of a timeless classic.

Rigdon seemingly focused on capturing the emotional spirit of the song, much like he did when performing “Goodbye Time” earlier in the competition.

He told the Beauregard Daily News that “I Want To Be Loved Like That” is one of his all time favorite songs, and that he wished his late grandparents could watch him perform on The Voice. Rigdon dedicated his performance on the show to his grandparents via social media prior to performing.

As his journey on the show continues, his fanbase seems to only get bigger. Fans have been placing signs in their yards and sharing the pictures on social media to show their love and support.

That love and support has not gone unnoticed by Rigdon, who expressed his gratitude to local fans. “I may be far away, but I can feel the love from all the fans supporting me,” Rigdon said.

“It is so important to me that they are behind me. I could not have had this much success without them.”

The Voice airs Monday nights on NBC at 7 p.m.