The Mayor’s Women’s Commission held a reception at the Vernon Council on Aging for senior officers of Fort Polk and their families to show their appreciation.

The reception was held Friday evening to show JRTC and Fort Polk’s senior officers and their families how much Leesville appreciates them being here and what their presence means to the City of Leesville.

Mayor Rick Allen said during the reception that he really appreciates all that the Women’s Commission does for the city. Mayor Allen also said that without the military, Leesville would not be the city it is today and he thanked Fort Polk for their partnership.

In total, about 70 people were invited to enjoy the picnic-style reception complete with fried chicken, salads and hors d'oeuvres.

The Mayor’s Women’s Commission is a women’s service organization that started in 1992. Members are appointed by the mayor and they help the mayor with beautification and civic projects throughout the city. On occasion, they also host events and act as a liaison between the mayor and other organizations.