At the May 7, 2019 school board meeting the Vernon Parish School Board approved several motions to advertise for three principal positions within the parish.

They approved a motion to advertise for a non-promotional principal position at Leesville Junior High School, a promotional principal position at Anacoco Elementary School and Rosepine Elementary School.

They also approved the budget revisions for 2019-2020.

District five board member Shad Stewart gave the athletic committee report stating that a representative from Beauregard Memorial Hospital gave a presentation of a computerized chip that is placed inside a players football helmet that will track how often and the severity of a hit each football player receives. The chip will also track patterns on a daily basis in an effort to protect student athletes from concussion injuries.

Stewart reported that all school softball teams in Vernon Parish made it to the playoffs and Evans Lady Eagles ended their bid for a state championship in the semi-finals.

Also, all school baseball teams in the parish made it to the playoffs with Pitkin and Simpson still left to play in the semi-finals.

Stewart also reported the Vernon Parish Basketball Tournament will be held at Pickering on November 25 and 26.

District one representative Jackie Self gave the curriculum committee report to the board and stated that the committee recommends that sixth grade students who are removed from the school setting be allowed to attend the Vernon Parish Optional School. The Optional School has traditionally been a 7th through 12th grade school.

This issue will be added to the June VPSB meeting agenda for consideration.

Self also informed the board members that spring testing is complete parish wide for third and fourth grades. Also fifth through eighth grade computer based testing is completed as well.

Testing is still ongoing for CLEP, AP and LEAP 2025 tests for some high school students.

The next VPSB meeting will be held on June 6, 2019 at 10:00AM.