As you head into the last full week of the school year we have a few tips to help you study and destress for your final exams.

First and foremost, get plenty of sleep. Starting a few days before your final exam you should be getting plenty of sleep. Your brain needs to be well rested to function at its best. To help you fall asleep faster add a few drops of lavender scented essential oil to a diffuser or spray a lavender air freshener. Our sense of smell is linked to the limbic system which governs emotions, behavior and long-term memory.

Relax. For some people the thought of taking a test can really be stressful and nerve-wracking. These simple techniques can help relieve that test taking stress and boost your studying.

Unplug, logoff, press mute - step away from social media for fifteen minutes. Don’t worry about what you may be missing or what your friends are doing for now.

Breathe deeply - taking a few deep breaths reduces tension and relieves stress thanks to the boost of oxygen to your system.

Talk a walk - step away from the books and take a ten minute walk outdoors to help clear your head and raise your endorphins.

Pet a pet - Studies have shown that just petting your dog or cat for ten minutes can lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart rate and elevate your mood.

Take a bath with epsom salt - epsom salt baths have been shown to lessen stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and relieve minor aches and pains.

Stretch it out - several studies have shown that stretching can help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. If you are feeling a little stressed stretch your muscles to calm your nerves.

Smell the roses - we have been using aromatherapy to relax and destress for centuries and one of the best-known scents used to achieve this is lavender. Add a few drops of lavender to a diffuser or a bath and inhale deeply to calm your nerves.

Listen to some calming music - music is closely related to our emotions and studies have shown that anxiety, depression and stress are affected by various forms of music. If you start to feel stressed or tense about an exam, turn on some calm music to bring your stress level down.

All of these tips by themselves are great ways to reduce the amount of stress or anxiety you may be feeling as you study for the final exams of the year. But combining several of them together will greatly increase their effectiveness in helping you destress.

Something can be said about soaking in a hot tub infused with lavender scents while the lights are turned down low and a soft melody playing in the background.