At the May Town of Hornbeck council meeting, Operations Manager Jody Browning suggested to the council that the monthly police jury resolution include a request for them to bring the pothole patcher out and fill in some holes that are very bad around the school and through town.

A motion to approve Police Jury Resolution No. 12-2019 was made by Alderwoman Terri Whiddon, seconded by Alderman Lance Ellis.

The next item on the council agenda was a lawsuit that has been filed in reference to an alcohol license application that Mayor Clarence Beebe denied based on the town alcohol ordinance.

Asa Skinner, longtime Council for the Town of Hornbeck, was present and said that so far they have identified the lawsuit brought by E & N Kwik Stop, LLC in Hornbeck vs. The Commissioner of the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control; Vernon Parish Police Jury; Town of Hornbeck; and Village of Anacoco.

The Alderwoman Whiddon then made a motion to enter into executive session, seconded by Jonathan Hyatt. They went into executive session to allow Skinner to review the legal ramifications of the lawsuit and to discuss the town’s options.

The council spent approximately twenty-five minutes in executive session before returning to the gallery.

Upon returning, Alderman Ellis made a motion to allow Skinner to take the necessary steps to settle the pending lawsuit, seconded by Alderwoman Whiddon.

The next item was LCDBG Resolution No. 13-2019, to allow Town Clerk Cara McDaniel to apply for a grant to complete a sewer project on Old Valley Electric Road. Alderman Hyatt made a motion to approve the resolution, seconded by Alderman Greg Lantier.

With regard to CNG Generator Resolution No. 14-1029, the Town of Hornbeck will be installing a generator at the CNG station in Leesville. The city will be using some Capital Outlay funds to cover the project but it will result in an out-of-pocket expense for the town in the amount of $14, 322.71. Alderman Lawrence Trotti made the motion to accept the resolution, seconded by Alderwoman Whiddon.

The next item on the agenda was a motion to introduce the proposed 2019-2020 budget. Alderwoman Whiddon made the motion to introduce Proposed Budget Resolution No. 05-2019, seconded by Alderman Ellis. A public hearing will be held on the proposed budget at the Hornbeck Town Hall on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 5:45PM.

The final item on the agenda was to discuss replacing the CNG compressor at the Hornbeck station and adding a storage tank. Alderman Hyatt made the motion to allow Browning to get quotes to replace the old compressor and install the storage tank, seconded by Alderman Lantier.

During Mayor Beebe’s comments he informed the gallery that following a bidding process online, the town only received one bid for a new dump truck. The bid was awarded to Lamarque Ford, Inc. in Kenner, LA for $85,603.30 that will be paid for by a grant received from the Volkswagen Mitigation Settlement.

Also, the Town of Hornbeck has been awarded a $13,967 grant from the Community Water Enrichment Project (CWEP). The town plans to use those funds to repaint and sand a ground storage tank.

Finally, Browning announced that Hornbeck Deputy Clerk Brandi Corley has completed training and is now a certified water operator in Hornbeck.

The next Hornbeck council meeting will be Monday, June 3, 2019 at 6:00PM.