The Military Housing Advocacy Network (MHAN) has endorsed the Military Housing Oversight and Service Member Protection Act (H.R. 2384 and S. 1229), and is encouraging Americans to contact their Members of Congress in order to help get the bill passed.  

The legislation is one of four legislative proposals currently being considered regarding privatized military housing. While all of the proposed legislation would be a good start to help Service Members and their families, MHAN believes the Military Housing Oversight and Service Member Protection Act is the most comprehensive, and would best help military families impacted by unsafe and unhealthy privatized military housing.

The legislation would increase oversight by the Department of Defense, establishes much needed tenant protections, provides transparency, ensures medical care and screenings for military families who need it, and strengthens ethics related to privatized housing, DOD officials, and members of Congress.

A summary of the bill can be viewed by going to

Darlena Brown, Founder & President of MHAN shares, “We appreciate the initial steps that members of Congress have taken to support our military families, and we call on all members to join in passing meaningful legislation to restore accountability and improve conditions in military housing.”