On Sunday, May 26 the Leesville Daily Leader published a newspaper insert titled "D-Day" which was June 6, 1944. The date marked the beginning of the "Road to Berlin" which lasted 330 days (June 6, 1944 - May 2, 1945).

On June 6 America will recognize the 75th anniversary.

Vernon Parish lost fifty-eight soldiers/sailors in WWII. Twenty-five were lost on the Road to Berlin.

The fourteen battles in five countries lasted 330 of WW II's 1,364 days.
Vernon Parish lost twenty-five or forty-three percent of its soldiers/sailors in the war. The numbers make clear the fierceness of the fighting.

Their names, communities, countries, and dates of death are:

Arnold Bennett of Simpson, France, June 30, 1944

Leonard Bond of Pitkin, Germany, Feb. 26, 1945

Minor Brantley of Vernon Parish, Germany, Mar. 30, 1945

Robert Cain of Anacoco, Germany, Mar. 1945

Sedric Cavanaugh of Leesville, France, Nov. 27, 1944

Aubrey Edwards of Alco, France, Aug. 27, 1944

James Edwards of Alco, Germany, Mar. 31, 1945

Henry Evans of Anacoco, France, Nov. 1, 1944

John Fasula of Ft. Polk, Belgium, Jan. 6, 1945

Lee Graham of Anacoco, Germany, Apr. 26, 1945

John Gray of Pitkin, France, Sep. 19, 1944

Leonard Green of Pitkin, Belgium, Oct. 9, 1944

David Herring of Leesville, Belgium, Jan. 17, 1945

Ray Hunt of Leesville, Germany, Apr. 25, 1945

Wendell Jackson of Simpson, England, June 8, 1944

Floyd Jordan of Pickering, Germany, Apr. 4, 1945

Horace Kay of Evans, Belgium, Feb. 2, 1945

Jethern McConathy of Ward # 2, Germany, Sep. 28, 1944

Irving Roby of Ft. Polk, Belgium, Dec. 19, 1944

John Stephenson of Leesville, Belgium, Jan. 15, 1945

Robert Sweat of Ward # 5, Germany, Apr. 5, 1945

Robert Taylor, Vernon Parish, France, Mar. 15, 1945

Albert Williams of Leesville, Germany, Dec. 22, 1944

Roy Wisby of Cravens, Belgium, Dec. 16, 1944

James Wise of Kurthwood, Germany, Feb. 28, 1945

Vernon Parish has always answered when our nation has called during times of national emergencies. From Hornbeck to Pitkin and from Simpson to Evans, our young men and women have stepped forward.