In the May recap of the Hornbeck Town Council meeting it was revealed that on March 29, 2019, E&N Kwik Stop, LLC had filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, State of Louisiana, Vernon Parish Police Jury, Village of Anacoco and the Town of Hornbeck because they were denied a license to sell liquor at both their Anacoco and Hornbeck convenience stores.

Further investigation into the matter revealed that earlier this year E&N Kwik Stop filed applications for a liquor license with both the Town of Hornbeck and the Village of Anacoco.

This led both towns to discover that back in 2007 when the Louisiana legislature eliminated “wards” in favor of “districts” each town within the parish became responsible for passing their own ordinances regarding the sales and consumption of alcohol within their city limits.

On April 1, 2019 both towns enacted ordinances to regulate the sale of liquor within their town limits. Hornbeck and Anacoco both passed their ordinances to regulate the sale of liquor.

On April 2, 2019, E&N KWIK Stop, LLC received a license to sell liquor in Anacoco.

During the executive session held at the Hornbeck Town Council meeting in May, legal counsel Asa Skinner advised Mayor Beebe and the council of their legal course of action. Mayor Beebe then instructed Skinner to take the necessary steps to settle the lawsuit.

According to Skinner, the matter has been settled with Hornbeck issuing a license to sell liquor to E&W Kwik Stop, LLC.