In April, Pickering High School teacher Michael Snell traveled to Oklahoma City to be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior.

He knew from the moment he first watched the show on television at the age of twelve that he wanted to be on it. But he had a lot of work to do before he was both mentally and physically fit enough to compete.

As a young teenager, Snell faced homelessness and he was obese.

But he refused to let anything come between his dream of being an American Ninja Warrior.

Snell started by making drastic changes to his diet, like eliminating all fried foods, pizza and especially carb-rich foods that he loved.

He then started a rigorous workout routine. In the seven months leading up to his shot at competing in the Oklahoma City qualifiers, Snell got up at 2 AM every morning to train for an hour before starting his day. He then trained for another hour in the evening after his son went to bed.

In an effort to avoid the often unbearable Louisiana heat Snell modified his house and backyard to be his gym.

His workout room door frame is modified to hold bolts so he can use hanging globes and a pull-up bar. And on the outside of the same door frame, he installed rock climbing holds so he can scale the wall of the hallway.

In an effort to anticipate every possible scenario for the qualifiers and to better prepare for them, Snell added fifty pounds of weight to himself while performing various exercises, chin-ups in particular.

In his backyard, Snell built a 14’ warped wall, buried tires to create a balance obstacle and a full body gym where he can work on grip and hand strength, moving using the pegs and he even has a salmon ladder.

The air date for Snell’s episode depends on the outcome of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.

If Boston wins, they will play game seven on Wednesday pushing Snell’s American Ninja Warrior episode to Monday, June 17.

If Boston loses we will see Snell’s episode on Wednesday, June 12 at 7PM.

Tune into NBC to see how Snell performs on the shrinking steps, flywheels, diving boards, coconut climb and see if he attempts to finish on the warped wall or the mega wall to make it to the finals.