Leesville Mayor Rick Allen held his second meeting with the property owners in the city's next potential annexation.

The area up for annexation is surrounding the Leesville Municipal Golf Course, and the goal for Allen and the city is to increase its population numbers for prospective incoming businesses.

"Everybody says they want more restaurants and more shopping, and what it takes to get that is increased numbers," he said. "I mentioned it earlier during the meeting, whenever a company looks at our population on the website, and they see a stagnant number, they are not interested in investing in our community."

The potential annexation will cover 102 properties, adding just over 300 people to the town population.

"The city spends a tremendous amount of money maintaining (the golf course) – $191,000 a year," Allen said. "The people that live around it get to enjoy the golf course, and I'm fine with that. Just contribute. We're a team. The people out here want the city to spend more money on the golf course, and how do you do that? You pay your taxes."

The area starts at Highway 171 and 28 roundabout and runs east of the 171. The area is unique because it qualifies as an A-11 Low-Density Urban District.

Allen brought up a potential amendment to an ordinance dealing with low-density districts that would allow the residents to discharge firearms, light fires and to have livestock on their property.

The ordinance is still a work in progress and is a long time away from being voted on, however, a resident quickly pointed out a flaw in the proposed ordinance that would not allow an existing barn to remain.

Allen and Director of Planning Grant Bush decided that existing buildings would be "grandfathered" in when they make changes to the ordinance.

A few people at the meeting at the clubhouse seemed skeptical of the ordinance, believing the future administration could come in and wipe it out.

Property taxes would increase if the properties are annexed into the city, but Allen and Bush say by switching over to city water and sewer, it should make up for the cost.

The next meeting takes place on July 15 at 6 p.m. at the Leesville Country Club.