The only thing that could top the fun and excitement had at this year’s Beauregard Watermelon Festival was winning the top prize in one of the contests. 

These lucky competitors did just that.

New to the festival this year was the Great American Watermelon Haul. A team sport where participants were required to load and unload a watermelon haul in the fastest time.

Team Nolan took first place netting each member of the three-man team $100 each. Team Calcote came in second.

Always a crowd favorite and this year was no exception, was the Watermelon Eating Contest. 

In two separate divisions for adults and juniors, participants dug in and ate as much of their required watermelon they could in two minutes. Juniors were given one-quarter of a fully ripe watermelon and adults were given one half.

Taking first place and a $50 prize in the junior division was Kaden Lee. Behind him was Nikolas Maddox taking second place and Maria Marez in third.

In the adult division, JJ Willis took home $200 and first place followed by Bo Pride in second place and Tim Lee in third.

Competitors in both the adult and junior divisions shuffled up to the toe-line and spit a watermelon seed as far as they could for a chance to take home the coveted trophy in the Watermelon Seed Spitting contest.

Taking first place and a $50 prize in the junior division was Dalton Dougharty with a distance of 25.4¼’. 

Second place went to Davien Ross with a distance of 23⅝’. Finishing in third place was Sarah Brumley with a distance of 21.9⅞’.

In the adult division taking home $200 for the first place win was Rabon Vercher who spit a watermelon seed a total of 31.4⅝’. 

Second place went to Tim Lee with a distance of 27.4⅜’. Trailing close in third place was Hunter Guillory with 27.3⅞’.

The final contest of the festival was the one that gave watermelon growers the bragging rights for growing the largest watermelon of the season.

Jason Green took home $200 and the first place title for growing a 48-pound watermelon. 

Losing by a margin of only one pound, the second place winner was D. Noland with a 47 pound watermelon. Securely in third place was Charles McDonald with his 43-pound watermelon.

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's print edition for photos of the winners.