At Monday’s VPPJ Committee Meeting, Finance Committee chairman Curtis Clay announced that the 2018 audit has been completed by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

VPPJ received a good clean audit with no findings.

Clay went on to say that while the auditor was giving him and the VPPJ President, Jim Tuck, a verbal report of the audit, the auditor made it a point to comment on how courteous and kind the VPPJ office staff were to him.

The auditor went on to say that the staff had also exhibited exceptional professionalism during the audit.

Clay and other members of the police jury thanked VPPJ Administrator/Treasurer Rhonda Plummer, VPPJ Secretary Belinda Diehl and the rest of the office staff for their hard work and dedication.

The audit found no instances of noncompliance and VPPJ now qualifies as a low risk auditee.