In this final piece about the Vernon Parish Police Jury we will give an overview of what the police jury is and what it is responsible for. 


We will also explain the responsibilities of an elected police juror and the salary and benefits accompanying the elected position.

The general responsibility of the police jury granted under the provisions of Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:1236-1344, is to perform and maintain duties associated with the executive and legislative branches of parish government.

The authority of the Police Jury extends to all territory in the parish which lies outside of an incorporated city, town or village. Some responsibilities of the police jury apply to citizens within incorporated areas of the parish as well.

The police jury performs several executive functions and is the administrator of public property belonging to the parish.

Other duties of the police jury include maintenance of parish roads, bridges and drainage systems, regulation of traffic and speed limits on parish roads, adoption of subdivision regulations, zoning regulations relative to the most appropriate use of property, and maintenance of parish parks.

The Vernon Parish Police Jury is comprised of twelve representatives from districts elected by voters. The members are called jurors, and together they elect a President as their chairman. 

The President presides over the police jury and serves as the head of the parish government and a Parish Administrator is appointed to manage the overall operations of the parish.

The Vernon Parish Police Jury meets twice a month to discuss parish business. In regular or committee meetings the police jury will authorize new projects, hear recommendations from various committees and receive reports from parish departments before taking any required action.

Also during regular meetings the police jury will adopts ordinances and resolutions which regulate many matters affecting public safety, health, convenience and good order of the parish, and takes all other action incidental and necessary for the parish as a whole.
The Vernon Parish Police Jury has eleven committees:

Capital Properties

Economic Development & Planning



Fire Protection & Solid Waste

Permit & Claims


Road Maintenance & Construction

Veterans Affairs

Ways & Means

Wildlife & Lakes

The Vernon Parish Police Jury currently employs 79 individuals in addition to the twelve elected police jurors. Full time are eligible for group health insurance, retirement, vacation and sick leave, while part time employees are eligible for a prorated vacation, sick leave and retirement.
Each juror of the Vernon Parish Police Jury is paid $14,400 per year and is eligible for Group Health Insurance.

The Vernon Parish Police Jury provides certain continuing post-employment health care benefits for its employees and their spouses. Substantially all of the Vernon Parish Police Jury's employees become eligible for these benefits if they reach normal retirement age while working for the Vernon Parish Police Jury.

The monthly premiums for retirees and similar benefits for active employees are paid jointly by the employee and the Vernon Parish Police Jury.

There were 20 retirees participating in the insurance program during 2017.
The Vernon Parish Police Jury's medical benefits are provided through a commercial insurance company. 

All employees are eligible to elect medical coverage upon retiring with at least 20 years of service, and Jurors are eligible to elect medical coverage upon retiring with at least 12 years of service.

All police jury seats are up for election on October 12. 2019 with qualifying date August 6-8.
To qualify as a police juror, by the date of qualification, a candidate must be eighteen years of age, live in Louisiana for the two preceding years, and been domiciled the preceding year in the district the candidate seeks election.