Recently, a resident of the City of Leesville contacted the Leesville Daily Leader with a concern over the Leesville Chief of Police’s position being changed from a full time position to a part time position.

The Leesville Daily Leader reached out to City of Leesville Administrator Patti Larney who then instructed us to submit a Public Records Request, per Leesville City Attorney Max Antony.

On July 16, a reply was received from Antony stating the following:

“Please be advised that I am in receipt of your Public Records Request dated July 11, 2019, requesting various information related to the Chief of Police. In response, the Chief of Police position was changed from full-time to part-time in an effort to retain the current Chief of Police (Chief Greg Hill). Said change was not made for the purpose of eliminating the civil service classification; however, it was made to allow Chief Greg Hill to draw his entitled retirement pay while also earning pay for his employment at the City of Leesville. Of note, Chief Hill is no longer entitled to benefits because he is now a part-time employee.

Further, said change was voted-on and approved by the Leesville City Council. All council members present for the meeting voted in favor of the change.”

At the April 22, 2019 Leesville City Council meeting Resolution 37 of 2019 was approved to change the Chief of Police position.

Chief Hill has been the Leesville Chief of Police since November 1, 2011 when former Mayor Robert Rose appointed him following the January 2011 termination of former Chief Bobby Hickman who was arrested, and subsequently convicted on federal weapons.