Monday night’s regular police jury meeting came with what is becoming regular distress over unsatisfactory roads in Vernon Parish, in particular Fort Stewart Road. 

Robin Stewart is a resident on Fort Stewart Road and showed the jury a video of her driving down said road. Her hope was to show the jury something tangible so they could gain a better understanding of what residents living along the road must endure every time they travel the road. 

“There are many times after rain that you have no idea what you’re going to get when you hit a pothole, is it three inches deep? Is it eighteen inches deep?” Stewart said.

Stewart also asked the board for an audit of 12 loads of reclaimed asphalt that was reportedly donated by other district representatives to district 12 and was again told that due to employee and software changes the data was not available at this time.

Parish Road Manager Carl Thompson responded that 15 to 18 loads of reclaimed asphalt has been spread along Ford Stewart Road.

District 12 representative Kenny Haymon stated they have not started the three-year plan at this time, blaming a combination of the weather and a lack of trucks to haul the asphalt.

“It is still waiting to be implemented because of the weather. I talked with Darnell (Martin) last week and he told me it would be possibly the end of this week or into next week because we didn’t have the number of trucks we need,” Haymon said.

Haymon reminded Stewart they are “working on a three-year plan”, one that she and the other residents of Ford Stewart Road accepted the plan and said it was good.

“We didn’t have any choice.” Stewart responded.

“You won’t even give us time to get started it (the three-year plan).” Haymon replied.

“I know your three-year plan is in place and I’m hopeful and optimistic that it will happen. But please understand that you can’t wash your hands of it in the meantime. You have to maintain it in the meantime.” Stewart said. 

“If the plan is to tear it up and then pour in more new base then why do I go out and spend good money this week and next week I’m going to tear it all up?” Haymon then asked.

 “Because we are being crippled in the meantime. In the meantime of you doing nothing, we are suffering, that’s why.” Stewart retorted.

Construction closing Ford Stewart Road is scheduled to begin Monday, July 22, 2019, through Thursday July 25, 2019, daily from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., weather permitting.

Residents are asked to make the necessary arrangements to avoid the closure.