Two people have been arrested after numerous severely malnourished dogs were found at a residence in Longville.

The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office released the following statement on Friday:

“After an investigation of dogs at large, Beauregard Parish Sheriff Department seized 24 dogs from a residence in Longville, LA. Kendall Furr and Ashley Duplechin have been taken into custody on 24 counts of Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and nine counts of Unlawful Restraint of a dog with bonds totaling $24,000 on each subject.”

The dogs were found earlier this week with hardly any food, and no water. 

Many of them were chained and tied to vehicles. Luckily, officer Zach Ellender responded to the call and was able to save the lives of the emaciated animals.

 Although many were on the brink of death, all of the dogs were saved. 

They are currently being taken care of at the BPSO animal shelter located behind the prison. After they have received an evaluation from a veterinarian, they will be available for adoption. 

Beauregard Correctional Facility Warden Jeanne Irvine expressed gratitude to all the citizens who have made donations to Animal Control to help these animals in need. 

“We are all so very grateful for everyone coming together through all of this,” Irvine said. 

“We have some great deputies who helped rescue these animals, and I can’t forget to thank Officer Richard Muro from the City of DeRidder Animal Control as well. We also appreciate all of the community, who stepped up and made donations to the shelter, and reached out to help these animals. This has truly brought the whole community together.”

Anyone interested in adopting the animals should contact the shelter at 337-462-3281.