PICKERING – Sitting inside the Pickering High School library is a white, scuffed up football helmet donning a large, red 'P'.

While the helmet may be a sign of the past for the Red Devils, it's making a return to the sidelines this season.

The helmet belongs to Pickering assistant coach Marc Lebato, who wore it from 1992-93. This season, his son, Braden, will be sporting the old, new logo.

"Pickering has been in my family my whole life," Braden said. "We want to get Pickering back to what it used to be."

When head coach Ryan Russo took over the program earlier this year, he wanted to give his team a new look and went back into the time machine to get it. The feedback the staff has received has been overwhelmingly positive.

"It was cool to hear from guys that used to play with us through texts and emails," Marc said. "Even guys that before me that went to Pickering reached out."

Being able to see his son wear a familiar logo on the side of his helmet is great but being close to his son is bigger.

"It's pretty neat," Marc said. "It's cool to see what happens when you put so much time into a program. I went to college to coach football, and football is a huge part of my life. But family is more important."

Pickering has won just one game over the last two seasons, but Braden says that hasn't affected the quality of people and school that is at Pickering.

"We walk the halls with pride and want to be here," Braden said. "People don't realize we have a nice school, great staff members and coaches. We just have to get it back to the way we used to be."

On the field, it's a normal coach-player relationship. But that is where it stays – on the field.

"He taught me early how to turn it off when I got home," Marc said. "He reminded me that I was not the quarterback coach. I was fortunate enough to coach my daughter years ago, and it was the same way. It's hard to differentiate between coach and parent. When you get home, you have to turn it off to keep a healthy family."