A local nightclub has been deemed off-limits for soldiers by Fort Polk. The Venue in New Llano is the subject of the ban after Fort Polk released the following statement on their official Facebook Page:

“The Commanding General has placed the following establishment off-limits effective now:
Venue Night Club, 11810 Lake Charles Highway, New Llano, Louisiana 71446”.

This action is believed by many to be in direct response to the shooting incident that occurred at the club on Aug. 11.

On that date, Andrez Shamad Jones was arrested for shooting three people, and recklessly
firing his weapon into a crowd.

While there were no fatalities during the incident, three victims suffered gunshot wounds and were treated at a local medical facility.

Placement on the list is not permanent and Fort Polk Public Information Officer Kim Reischling has stated in a previous article regarding a similar situation that it is possible to get off of the list.

Reischling spoke to the Leesville Daily Leader after The Spot, a popular New Llano nightclub, was deemed off-limits for a period of time.

“There's a rigorous process for having something declared as off-limits,” said Reischling.

She mentioned there are a wide variety of reasons why a business could be placed off-limits. She said that if the board receives complaints, hears about incidents or discovers unfair practices the board can recommend that the establishment is placed off-limits.

Reischling further explained the process stating “the process starts with our Armed Forces
Disciplinary Control Board, composed of leaders and law enforcement from across the
installation. Once the board recommends a business to be declared off-limits, the final decision lays with the commanding general. If he agrees, based on the research, it is signed into policy.”

No officials from Fort Polk have confirmed the reasoning for The Venue to be named off-limits.