A man has pled guilty to two felony charges earlier this week. Kenneth Allen Chandler Jr. pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree kidnapping and 2nd degree aggravated battery. A sentencing hearing was heard on Tuesday, and he will be officially sentenced on September 17. 

Chandler was arrested on July 2018 when authorities responded to report of a woman who had suspiciously not shown up to work. 

After arriving at the victim’s New Llano residence, deputies could hear voices coming from inside the residence, but no one answered the door. Upon entering the residence, the VPSO found an injured woman.

Chandler had forced the woman to remove her clothing and sit in a chair, where he would ask her questions and proceed to beat her if the answers she gave were not satisfactory.

Chandler used a glass tabletop to strike the victim over the head and held part of the glass to her throat when the police initially arrived on the scene. 

Chandler could spend up to 40 years in prison for the kidnapping charge, and he could spend up to 15 years on the battery charge.