The following is a campaign announcement from Charlie Greer. He is announcing his candidacy for Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry:

Thank you for your interest in reshaping the future of Louisiana. I have given the biggest part of my life to public service and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in the great state of Louisiana.

 As your Commissioner, I will use my experience, knowledge and leadership to make the department an effective and proactive agency with sufficient staffing and funding so we can better protect and advocate for our consumers, our resources, and the hardworking citizens of our state’s diverse agricultural and forestry industry.

 As your Commissioner, I will advocate for medical marijuana, working closely with esteemed experts of LSU and Southern University to produce the vitally important and fully legal plant based medicine and make it accessible to patients in order to relieve their pain and suffering.

As your Commissioner, I will ensure that our hardworking agriculture community has the best representation as well as ensure our valuable timberlands are protected from wildfires, theft, and vandalism and that the food and fiber we all use are pure, safe, and accurate. I will also expand our current economy through the legal production of Industrial Hemp.

 As your Commissioner, I will stand ready to take on any challenge to serve you, the wonderful people of Louisiana.

Thank you for your consideration. Vote #23 Charlie Greer for Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry October 12, 2019.