A popular comedian is bringing a jam-packed comedy show to the Golden Nugget on Saturday, September 14th at 8 p.m. 

Comedian Darren Knight will be performing alongside Country Comedy Legend Cledus T. Judd. The event will also feature up and coming comedians Red Squirrel and Gary Cargal.

“Louisiana is one of my favorite states,” said Knight. “I love to go there. Can't wait to come see y'all.”

Knight is known for his Southern slice of life humor and has millions of followers on social media. 

He is perhaps best known for his “Southern Mama” character that he has used in several videos. The character is both a parody and a tribute to the folksy quirks and mannerisms attributed to southern culture. 

Knight is part of a new generation of comedians who are getting famous due to their massive number of fans on social media.

“The beautiful thing about it to me is that its a totally grassroots situation,” Knight said. “No large corporations No Hollywood. Hollywood doesn't like us, because we don't push an agenda. We just want people to laugh and have a good time.”

Knight described his comedy as relatable to audiences, especially those that have grown up and raised families in the South. 

“We tell a lot of different jokes. These are things that all of us heard growing up that we tell today. The live shows are different than the videos, and I think the fans that come won’t be disappointed,” said Knight. “I’m excited because it’s gonna have a damn good time in Lake Charles.“

Knight wanted to let all of his fans know that he is grateful for all of their support over the years. He credits his success to the love and support of his many fans.

“I just want the fans to know that they helped an old country boy like me live his dream,” Knight said. “I’ll always be grateful for that.”

For more information on the show log on to www.goldennugget.com/lakecharles/entertainment.