A mysterious bone was discovered in Toledo Bend Lake over the holiday weekend.

The Sabine County Sheriff’s Office stated that a boater accidentally pulled up a bone on Monday. The boater was pulling up his anchor when he made the shocking discovery.

The boater marked the area that he found the bone with a GPS and contacted the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office.

Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox initially spoke to KJAS in Jasper. Maddox said that if it is a human bone, it could be from an old flooded cemetery.

Maddox said: "Do you know how many old cemeteries are at the bottom of that lake? There were several of them that went under when they created that lake, so if it's a human bone, it could've come from one of those old cemeteries.”

Maddox also stated that the area where the bone was found will be explored. The bone has since been sent to a lab for testing to determine its origin. More details will be released as they are made available to the public.