It has been 17 years since Alicia “Allie” Rose Carver was brutally murdered in her home.

It has been 17 years since Barbara Ivey was savagely beaten in her home.

On September 11, 2002, at approximately 11:31 p.m. the New Llano Police Department received a call for assistance from a residence located on Lake Street.

When the officers arrived they found two injured women, 14-year-old Ivey and 19-year-old Carver.

The NLPD immediately called for emergency medical personnel and back up from the Vernon Parish Police Department.

Law enforcement officers were directed by family members of the injured, to a bedroom within the residence.

As officers made their way through the home they found Ivey suffering from acute traumatic head injuries. They then found Carver, in the same room, deceased.

Ivey was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Witnesses at the scene indicated that the two women were at home that evening alone with a male family member who was asleep in a separate room of the residence.

Detectives learned that Barbara Ivey’s mother returned home that night to find the two women severely injured.

Detectives processed the scene and immediately began interviewing witnesses and associates of the two women.

The male family member who was asleep within the home indicated that he was not awakened by anything until his girlfriend returned home and came into the room screaming his name.

The male family member was cooperative with investigators during the course of the investigation.

Amazingly, Barbara Ivey survived the attack.

Further examination of Allie Carver’s body indicated that she had been the victim of a brutal attack and suffered horrific injuries to her face and skull. The pathologist noted that Carver’s death was caused by blunt force injuries to the head.

This crime scene was one of the most brutal ever witnessed by many law enforcement officers within Vernon Parish.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 marks the 17th anniversary of the brutal murder of Alicia “Ally” Rose Carver and the attempted murder of Barbara Ivey.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office has reopened this case and cold case Detectives will be reviewing all of the case documentation and re-interviewing subjects associated with the case.

VPSO asks that anyone with any information regarding the murder of Alicia “Allie” Rose Carver to contact the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office at 337-238-1311 or Detective Jerry Twyman or Detective Rhonda Jordan at 337-238-7248.