Leesville has an upcoming concert hosted by Christian Living Fellowship.

Seventh Day Slumber is a popular christian rock band, and it will bring its Small Town Worship Tour to Leesville at Christian Living Fellowship.

Seventh Day Slumber was founded by lead vocalist Joseph Rojas in the Summer of 1996 after he attempted to commit suicide after a cocaine binge.

Rojas has stated in interviews that he received salvation from God in the back of an ambulance.

The band has put out 11 studio albums since forming have been a consistent presence in the world of christian music. Their 2005 album Once Upon A Shattered Life was the number one album on the Billboard Heatseakers chart.

The album included the band’s signature hit “Oceans from The Rain,” which was among the most played songs on christian radio stations for the entire year.

The group will be performing at Christian Living Fellowship located at 12955 Lake Charles Highway, in Leesville. The concert will run from 6-8 p.m.

For more information on the band log on to www.seventhdayslumber.com.