15-year-old Tammy Call of Leesville was reported missing by her parents during the afternoon hours of Tuesday, February 20, 1990, after she failed to return home from school.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into Tammy’s disappearance.  

During the course of the investigation, Detectives learned that Tammy had traveled to Leesville High School the morning of her disappearance on the school bus with her siblings.

Tammy arrived at school and met with a friend. 

The two girls decided to skip school and were walking back to the school parking lot to where the friend’s boyfriend was waiting in a vehicle.  Before they could get to the car they were confronted by a school employee and told to go back into the building.

Tammy’s friend told the teacher that she was headed to get her books from her car and Tammy returned to the school building.

Tammy’s friend left the school parking lot at that time with her boyfriend. Tammy apparently traveled through the school building and exited the back door.

When interviewed by Detectives the friend and boyfriend indicated that once they left the parking lot they did not see Tammy again that day.

 Detectives conducted a significant number of interviews but nobody could provide information as to Tammy’s whereabouts.

A young school mate came forward and indicated that they knew Tammy from riding the school bus.  On that Tuesday the child’s mother was driving them to school and the child recalled seeing Tammy walking South on down the highway in front of the current day Red & White Feed Store and Berrytown. 

Months later Tammy’s backpack would be found in some brush along a walking trail leading to Belview Road.

 Detectives continued to investigate Tammy ‘s disappearance but at the time were unable to locate the 15 year old.

After some time the case went cold but was never forgotten by the Sheriff’s Detectives.

In February 1997 Tammy’s remains were located in a secluded area of West Boundary Road in the Hwy 10 area.

Tammy Call’s parents, Joe & Reba Call still reside in Vernon Parish.  Mr. Call is a retired military and serves as Pastor at a local church. 

The Call family deserves to know what happened to their daughter.  They’ve waited 29 years to learn what happened the day their daughter went missing, never to be seen alive again.

Tammy’s disappearance has yet to be explained.  

Her murderer has had no accountability for her death.

In 1997 VPSO Detectives were able to identify Samuel Galbraith through advances in DNA as the person responsible for the Kidnapping, Rape, and Murder of Karen Hill in November of 1988.

 Galbraith was a soldier at Fort Polk and was in the Leesville area from December 1987 through June of 1990.

 In April 2017 the Louisiana Department of Corrections Parole Board Voted 3-0 in favor of granting parole to Galbraith.  Galbraith’s parole was ultimately rescinded following a backlash of public outrage.

Galbraith has currently filed suit against the State of Louisiana in relation to the rescinding of the granted parole.

During the time that Galbraith was stationed at Fort Polk, there were three women reported missing and ultimately found murdered in areas in close proximity to government training areas in Vernon and Sabine Parishes.

Karen Hill, November 1988 – Galbraith was convicted utilizing DNA in 1997 of Hill’s murder.  Her body was located tied to a tree in Little Cypress Park off of Hwy 10.

Pamela Miller – May 1989 – Miller’s remains were located in close proximity to military training grounds in Peason Ridge, Sabine Parish, in November 1989.

Tammy Call -  February 1990- Call’s remains were located in close proximity to military training grounds in the area of West Boundary Road in February 1997.

 VPSO asks anyone who was a friend or classmate of Tammy at Leesville High School to contact Detective Jerry Twyman or Detective Rhonda Jordan at 337-238-1311.

 Investigators firmly believe that Tammy’s case is solvable.  

VPSO encourages anyone who may have see Tammy that day or anyone who has any information regarding the matter to contact VPSO immediately.