Quotewizard.com has released a study in regards to states with the worst infrastructure. Louisiana ranks in at 9th place on the list making one of the top ten states with the worst infrastructure.

The study found that Louisiana has many roads and bridges in poor condition. 

The study lists the following points as key facts found in their official research based on data from the Federal Highway Administration: 

25% of Louisiana roads are in poor condition.

It cost $624 per driver in Louisiana due to poor roads, the 18th-highest in the nation. 

14% of the bridges in Louisiana are structurally deficient, the 7th-highest percentage.  

22% of the allocated highway budget is spent on road repairs.

Adam Johnson is an analyst for the website who put together this new study. In the report Johnson offers up a solution for states with failing infrastructure. 

“From our analysis we found a high percentage of states that used more money on expansion rather than road repair, tended to have worse infrastructure than states that did the opposite,” said Johnson. “Louisiana spends well below the national average on road repairs, and seems to spend more on expansion.” 

By expansion, Johnson means that Louisiana spends more money on building new roads than it does repairing existing roads. The national average percentage of funds used on road repair is 30 percent, and Louisiana only uses 22 percent of its allocated state highway budget on road repairs.  

“The long term solution for Louisiana is to spend more money on maintaining its existing roads, and to focus less on expansion,” he said.

While Louisiana faces its own infrastructure problems, the same issues are plaguing the rest of the country.

“Federal Highway Administration reports show 61% of the country’s highways are in fair to poor condition,” Johnson said. “Transportation for America estimates a cost of $231 billion a year to keep our existing road network in acceptable repair.

Here are some other key findings from the study: 

Rhode Island, Oklahoma and West Virginia are the top in the nation nation for worst road infrastructure.

Tennessee, Georgia and Florida are the best in the nation for road infrastructure.

The top 10 states with the worst infrastructure costs drivers an annual average of $752 from poor road conditions.

The top 5 states with the worst infrastructure spend below the national average of 30% on road repairs.

The study was conducted by Quotewizard.com and used information from the Federal Highway Administration to conduct this study.