This week I was reminded that the Leesville High School Homecoming would be held soon, on October 25 and 26.

I have kept a copy of the Welcome LHS Alumni newsletters that were available at homecomings for many years.

This 1989 edition is special for it contains a column called “Through the Years, Alumni Association of Leesville High School.”

This article reads:

“Correspondence in 1969, to those who had attended Leesville High School, at some time or other, desirous of organizing an Alumni Association for purposes of fostering and perpetuating love and loyalty to the fine old educational institution--signed--Buck Hooper.”

This was the beginning of the association.

In June, a bunch of "Old Timers" who went to school in the old wooden building in the early 1900s; the school building on the hill that was later torn down in 1913; had a get-together and decided, rather than let their immediate enjoyment of the day be lost to posterity, that an organization be born to bring mutual helpfulness to our Alma Mater.

Officers elected on August 1969 were: Buck Hooper, president; Sam Piranio, vice-president, Babe Winfree, secretary; and Pete Sliman, treasurer.

On September 17, 1969, after much work and effort on the part of many persons, a non-profit, non-stock, Louisiana corporation charter was issued to Leesville High School Alumni Association.

Around 1969 I was invited to a meeting and party held at Dick and Pat Berry’s home, located at the edge of the Lee Hills Park.

That, if my memory is correct, was the first time I learned about the formation of the Leesville High School Alumni Association.

That night a small leadership group explained the idea to us. There was much excitement and support for the Association.

Dick, Pat and the Berry family have served faithfully for many years as Overall Chairpersons and Newspaper Editor of the Association's activities.

Homecoming is set for October 25th & 26th, 2019. More information visit