When it comes to the saying, “like mother, like daughter”, Leesville native Veronica (Ronnie) Poland Young does not mind.

In fact, Young has formed a nonprofit in the memory of her mother who was fondly known in the community as Mrs. Eva Ree.

Young is the cofounder and CEO of Eva’s Closet (EC) of Dallas, Texas, a nonprofit organization that provides ministerial and social services to people of all ages. “EC is dedicated to the remembrance of my mother who made a difference in the lives of the people in my hometown of Leesville, LA,” Young stated.

Young continued, “My mother was fondly called Mrs. Eva Ree,” by her friends and neighbors who she shared her faith, encouragement and empowering spirit as well as her tangible resources with those in needs. And, I want to do the same.”

To celebrate the grand opening, EC will launch its first women empowerment seminar on Saturday, October 19, 2019. The seminar entitled, “Your Oppression is Not Your Destination” will offer a unique blend of practical information and some spiritual perspective on oppression. Seasoned and dynamic presenters will deliver life-lifting ideas on oppression in three areas: the workplace, the family, and life itself. Young will conclude the seminar with a motivating and inspiring focus on your destination in life which conquers oppression. It is here where she strongly believes that, in order, to reach your destination, one must be clear on the directions they are going, well as, understanding the journey. “It is in the journey that one will arrive at their destination,” she commented. a unique blend of practical information and some

As a result of observing her mother’s dedication and love for helping others to grow personally and spiritually, she developed a passion for working in the social services profession and building a non-profit network to assist with their personal growth, life skills, spirituality and professional endeavors.

Young finds great joy in this work because she genuinely loves people. She shared, “Caring and loving others comes naturally to me.”

From mentoring programs to seminars on topics like career development, Eva’s Closet offers a wide variety of services to educate, encourage, and empower others. While she loves it all, the services she most values are the life skills and parenting trainings for mothers and fathers. She sees the domino effect of this work, as these outreaches make an impact on someone who will go on to make a difference to a child.

The hardest part of ministry for Young has been not giving up during adversity. She said, “There are a lot of scriptures which discuss the importance of staying the course.” These passages help her to remember that God loves her unconditionally, and He will never give up on her.

A former military wife, Young has been married to her husband (a retired Army Master Sergeant) for more than 30 years. They have one daughter and two grandsons, first grade twins.

Her love of family traces back to her childhood where she was one of six siblings. She said, “I have very strong family ties. In fact, that is why I have dedicated my work in the ministry honoring my mother who was a Christian woman and faithfully served the Lord. It did not matter if you were family, friends or even a stranger who needed help, our mother always welcomed people into our home. My mother enjoyed cooking and baking. Around our kitchen table, she would often share food and desserts along with encouragement and support to people.

“One of my mother’s beliefs was to encourage and empower women. She gave those same beliefs to all her daughters. To learn more about Young and Eva’s Closet, please visit our website https://www.evascloset.org.

For more information please call Veronica Young at 214-929-4413, or email vyoung@evascloset.org.