Saturday was a day jam-packed with events designed for the whole family to enjoy.

One of those events was the 2019 Louisiana State Soapbox Derby Championships.

The annual soapbox derby has been a longstanding staple of the Leesville community since the 1950s.

The event saw kids barrel downhill in the middle of downtown Leesville in their colorful car, vying for first place. The soapbox speedsters had plenty of creative designs on their respective racers

There were two divisions in the race: The Factory Kit Division, and The Home Built Division. The Home Built Division saw many different unique designs and even saw the return of some of last year’s favorites such as the “Baby Shark” driven by Tesla Putnam.

Putnam finished second place in last year’s competition coming up short against the winner Jason Hunt. Putnam has won the race in previous years as well.

The event was held in conjunction with the Armadillo Motorcycle Rally, which is another popular event in Leesville.

There was food, live music, a motorcycle show, a classic car show, and a community of people enjoying their local Autumn tradition.

The event also served a noble cause, as it was used to spread awareness of the brave people battling breast cancer locally and worldwide.