The stress of grocery shopping can be a thorn in the side of the average citizen.

National chains have recently been implementing ways to bypass the traditional shopping experience and offer a more efficient alternative for customers. Local food delivery service EZ Street Delivery has announced that they have begun delivering groceries to people as well.

Customers can shop for their groceries online and contact EZ Street Delivery to pick them up from the store and deliver them right to their doorstep.  

They have boiled down the process to three simple steps:

1. Customers order their groceries online from their Walmart account

2. Go to and  pull up the grocery icon and place an order for delivery.

3. The driver will contact the customer to obtain a copy of their receipt and then deliver the groceries.

A small service charge is the only thing customers will pay to have their groceries delivered to them. The amount of the service charge is based on the amount of groceries you have ordered.

SMALL $30.00-$49.99:  $2.25 Service Charge

MEDIUM $50.00-$69.99: $3.50 Service  Charge

LARGE $70.00-$89.99: $4.50 Service Charge

X-LARGE $90.00-$100.00: $7.50 Service Charge

Travis Pew and Wayne Ryder are the co-founders of EZ Street Delivery, which is a company that partners with local restaurants and delivers food to customers’ homes via their website and smartphone app. 

They launched EZ Street Delivery back in January and have expanded their business exponentially. They offer delivery service to the Leesville, DeRidder, and Natchiotches areas. Their dedicated drivers work with a wide variety of restaurants to give the term “fast food” a whole new meaning. 

The smartphone app can be downloaded on all app stores, and orders can also be made on their website